Move with Awareness

Introduction to Somatics Courses

Somatic Movements are safe and gentle movements suitable for anyone of any age. To get you started on your somatic journey I offer Introduction to Somatics Courses. It is necessary to attend one of these courses or having some 1 to 1 sessions before signing up for my regular weekly classes if you have no previous somatic movement experience. Otherwise you may feel a little overwhelmed and out of your depth as the focus is very different compared to other forms of movement practice.

Somatic movements do not stretch or strengthen muscles but use a technique called pandiculation which involves taking an already tight muscle into a deeper contraction and slowly releasing then relaxing it. On this course you will learn how to pandiculate your muscles through the use of somatic movements in order to help address lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, sciatic and much more. Another important thing to understand is that somatic movements are neurological movements. What I mean by that is that in order to make changes in the body we need to make changes in the brain and nervous system. In essence Somatic Movements help to re establish a connection with the muscles and the brain and central nervous system to improve the function of the muscles and enable more efficient movement.

In the Intro course you will learn:

  • Why muscles become tight – and it’s not due to ageing – that is a myth
  • More about your body and how your body moves.
  • How tension habits hold you back and how to resolve them through movement.
  • To release chronically contracted muscle tension without equipment or regular manual therapy sessions.
  • A new skill to help you to keep moving well and keep you pain free and that can be done anytime, anywhere.

On completion of this course you will notice:

  • A reduction in any muscular discomfort, pain or stiffness
  • An increased awareness of how your body feels and moves
  • More sensations in your body.
  • An ability to consciously contract and relax your muscles
  • More movement and flexibility

Please note – Full participation in this course will require you to lie on the floor on your back, sides and tummy. If you find this a challenge you might best be suited to a private session which can be tailored to meet your specific needs.