Move with Awareness

Clinical Massage is an effective form of massage therapy to ease chronic muscular pain if the problem is related to the soft tissues i.e. a problem with the muscles, tendons or ligaments. Although massage on it’s own is very effective in addressing the symptoms initially, in some cases the benefits can be longer lasting if combined with some Somatic Movement Sessions. 

Occasionally, some pain symptoms can be resolved in 1 session but in the majority of cases I find that between 3 and 6 sessions are required and, on rare occasions, more than 6 sessions maybe necessary. The number of sessions you need often depends on how long you have had the pain issue for. The longer you have had the symptoms, the more layers we need to remove to get to the cause and to address the problem. A good analogy of this is that of an onion – an onion is made up of many layers. The longer you have had a problem, the bigger your onion is likely to be and therefore, the more layers we need to remove. 


Initial Session is 75 Minutes – £70

Follow Up Session is 60 Minutes – £60